Your designer’s name is: Joana Ruiz

Biography: Joana was born in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. She finished her degree in Social Communication and Journalism. Not pleased enough with this achievement, Joana had a bigger dream: designing.

She was born in the world of confection as her parents had a company for the production of impermeable objects; so from very early on she liked the world of creating, especially hand bags. She says “As I am a handbag lover and I have the entrepreneur example of my parents I decided to design for me and others”.




The Brand history: “The idea of Luque Carteras y Accesorios was born when I was five years old and now that I am thirty one the dream of having my own brand of handbags finally came true.

When I was little I sat at an old sewing machine that belonged to my mom. I used to sew pencil cases, small purses and bags with the rests of material from my parent’s company production. Then I would sell them to my friends and even though my creations were ugly, I was very proud of my “business” ;).

I always loved hand bags, if I didn’t have one with me I would use a basket or a plastic bag, important to me was to have a bag for my toys. In my adolescence and university time my love for handbags continued, but I gave up on the idea of having my own company. But a couple of years ago this goal return to my life and I began to make it real; slowly, the ideas became facts and between May and October 2016 Luque Carteras y Accesorios came to life.

The idea is to reach the main cities in Colombia as an outstanding brand due to its quality and design. It is a brand that evokes elegance, novelty and a the Latin American woman style.

My designs are characterized by the use of hardware, synthetic materials and sailcloth, products 100% made by the local industry; to support the Colombian industry is highly important to us.”

Joana Ruiz


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